Health Promoter Program

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About the Cooking Matters Promoter Program

About 60 percent of our Cooking Matters classes in the Bay Area are taught by trained adult and youth Health Promoters or promotores de salud. Our Health Promoter program offers community members the opportunity to become leaders in promoting healthy neighborhoods by teaching their peers the Cooking Matters curriculum. 18 Reasons provides prospective Health Promoters with a 9-session training that covers cooking, nutrition, and classroom facilitation. The training sessions are led by 18 Reasons staff members and experienced Cooking Matters teachers. Each 3-hour session consists of a nutrition lesson, hands-on cooking, and instruction on how to teach Cooking Matters classes. Health Promoters who successfully complete the training go on to teach Cooking Matters classes and lead Cooking Matters at the Store tours in their communities.   

Who are Cooking Matters Health Promoters?

18 Reasons' Promoters are at the heart of our work. In Cooking Matters classes, they serve as Chef Instructors and Nutrition Instructors. They work together with other peer educators and organizations within their neighborhoods as a resource. They are leaders in their community who are passionate about improving the health of their peers. Promoters can connect effectively with our participants because they share a linguistic and cultural background with the students they teach, which helps ensure that promoters and participants have shared experiences to draw from in class. A promoter is someone who other community members seek out for advice, support and help in making health lifestyle changes.

Promoters are low-income community members who have generally not had access to formal education in the culinary and nutrition fields, but who maintain a passion to change the health of their community through nutrition education. Furthermore, promoters often have personal connections with organizations and individuals interested in participating in Cooking Matters programming.

What are the benefits of becoming a Cooking Matters Health Promoter?

  • Be an important voice in the community
  • Support families to live healthier lives
  • Become a leader and educator in your community
  • Professional development and skill-building

*18 Reasons cannot offer a salary to our Promoters, but we do offer a stipend at the end of every Cooking Matters series.


Meet one of our Health Promoters!

Cooking Matters: Peer Educators from Tania Ku on Vimeo.






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